We also offer warehousing space at our building in Potok pri Komendi.

Renting of bussines space (offices)

Our company seat is at Brniška cesta 62, 1217 Vodice, Slovenija.

Our office is located in our new location in Potok pri Komendi 15,1218 Komenda, Slovenija. Here we also rent office space, warehousing space and a bar.

At this moment we have available office space on first floor, which measures 45 m2 and a smaller office space on ground floor, which measures 12 m2.

Transportation of live animals - horses

We have 1 MAN truck for transportation of live animals - horses. In the truck we can transport 5 horses. We also have a small trailer for transportation of horses. In this trailer we can transport 2 more horses.


GD Drum compressors

Our company is a representative for English compressors Gardner Denver DRUM. Compressors are high-quality, modern design and cutting-edge characteristics. We supply them at a very convenient price.

Compressors are made in 2 versions:

smaller XK12,

bigger XK 18,

which can both be supplied with all needed utilities and accessories.


Advantages of DRUM compressors:

  • small dimensions and low weight
  • ability to be mounted between the chassis
  • lower working capacity - lower fuel consumption
  • high range of working

        XK12 1000 - 1600 turns

        XK18 1000 - 1800 turns

  • low working temperature
  • low air temperature (2 m from compressor in the tube 120 - 140°C)
  • higher efficency


We also offer compressors for emptying liquids:

  • GD150
  • GD175

Possibility of delivering all GD Drum products.

Transportation with tautliners

We have regular tautliners for transportation of pallets and mega tautliners with code XL for transportation of pallets.


Poslovna enota

Potok pri Komendi 15
1218 Komenda


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Brniška cesta 62
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