Company values

  • Business is made by people not companies
  • Responsibility - to our customers, employees and environment
  • Openness - to change, novelties and improvements
  • Sustainability - taking care of the environment with a modern truck fleet
  • Adaptaion - to changes in the market
  • Continuous development and improvement
  • High - quality transportation services
  • Good relationships with employees, relaxed working environment which ensures our employees personal growth

Company mission and vision


  • good relations with our customers
  • with knowledge and trust we will exceed the expectations of our customers
  • high quality transportation services
  • to ensure the right goods and services, at the right place, at the right time, with the right quality and quantity 



  • to become the key part of quality and reliable transportation services
  • to base on expanding our activity, inovations and improvements and exploring market opportunities

Company history

Company T.S.L. d.o.o. was founded in 1991. The founders and owners of the company are Lojze and Helena Ščap. Company has grown and increased its main activity over the years. Over the years our company established its position as one of the leading Slovenian companies in silo transportation. We have reached, obtained and spread a circle of loyal and content Slovenian and foreign customers, which we convinced with our high - quality and on - time transport services.

We have specialized in the following aspects of transportation:

  • transportation of bulk material in silo trailers (aluminia, quarzsand, soda ash, calcit, granulates, minerals, etc.)
  • transportation of ADR dangerous and flammable bulk material (carbonates, calcuim carbide, poisons, etc.)
  • transportation of float glass in special inloaders
  • transportation with tautliners and mega-tautliners (goods on paletts)

With good organization and leadership we want to ensure quality transportation services, kind working environment and successful organisational climate.

Important quality of our company is flexibility and openness to changes and ability to adapt to new situations. We like to accept inovations and expand our business connections.

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